stockton locksmith

There are many reasons why your uPVC door could be sticking so within this post you will be able to understand why you should always call a professional locksmith if your uPVC door suddenly appears to give up the ghost.

  • Weather. The main reason your door will suddenly become harder to lock or unlock is usually the weather. As the uPVC can either expand or contract which can lead to the door causing problems for the homeowner. The handle starts to get harder to lift and it will not go all the way up. This means the euro cylinder cannot lock the mechanism. The handle should never be forced up as it can cause the working parts inside the mechanism to bend or break. A full new mechanism is needed if this happens which can be expensive. Call your local locksmith if this ever happens as the problem can usually be rectified by an experienced professional.
  • Wear and Tear. Locks, door handles mechanisms and door frames can get worn out eventually so proper maintenance is always advised. Squirting a little gt85 or wd40 in and on the moving parts can make your door last a lot longer. What the penetrating fluid does is flush out all the metal burring inside the mechanism and lubricates the system. Sometimes you can tell if its just wear and tear by the handles, they will feel loose and have no spring left in them. When this problem is encountered it can be the handle or the mechanism so its best to call an expert.