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Often we are asked for advice relating to general security in the home.  Below are 10 key points to consider.

1. Take a good look at the Outside Of Your Property

Start by looking at the exterior of your home to make sure there aren't any broken windows. Make sure there is no easy access to your home by way of garages or conservatories. Make sure your tools and items ie. ladders are securely locked away.

2. Are your Windows and Doors Secure

Ask a crb vetted, inspected and qualified Stockton locksmith to assess your window and door security (including internal doors) to ensure all of your doors and windows have the best locks you can afford, Make sure they’re in great condition, properly fitted and exceed your insurance needs.

3. Watch out for Opportunist Thieves

Opportunistic thieves can often approach homes that look like no-one is there's nobody in, so look at installing  light timers in your property so it appears somebody is home.

4. Sensor Lights on Your Front and Back Door

Sensor lighting fitted to the front and back door of your home will deter possible thieves.

5.Home Security Alarms 

You should change the code to your alarm quite often as you never know who is watching.

6. Protect the Windows with Extra Window Locks

Windows can be prised open using basic hand tools so fitting extra security like sash jammers.

7. Home Safes

Home safes are now more popular than ever, so you should think about asking your  local stockton locksmith to help you choose and install a safe.

8. Protect your Patio Doors and UPVC Doors

We recommend that you should install top and bottom bolts on patio doors or add sash jammers to UPVC doors.

Home Security at Christmas

Try not to let a burglar take the joy out out of your Christmas.

stockton on tees locksmithAs Christmas is just around the corner, please be aware of burglars knowing that we are all buying gifts for our family and friends and we spend a lot of time out of our homes shopping for them.  Not only do we spend a lot of time shopping, the festive season means that we visit friends and relations too. So be aware that your home will probably be empty for set periods of time. Even if you are away from your home for one day, make sure that your house looks as though it is occupied.

The opportunist burglar will, and can strike at anytime! 

Not all of us are filled with good will over Christmas and New Year. Burglars are very busy watching which house they can break into to steal gifts and they don't care if those gifts are for little children.

Stockton on Tees locksmiths suggest that you try to keep the early gifts you have bought out of the way, you can always put them in your loft or even in or behind your bedroom furniture. Please don't store them in your shed or boot of your car because that opportunist burglar will always try the easiest/weakest spots first.

For those of us that like to put our gifts under the tree, try not to put them out too early. If you just can't resist putting them there, make sure that your curtains are closed on an evening time so that no one walking by can see into your home. Also, if you go out on an evening time, leave the tv or radio on, you may also like to invest in a timer switch to make your lights go on and off around the house. Take 10 minutes and think about if you were a burglar what would make it easy to gain entry into your home. If it is easy for you to work out, then it is also easy for a burglar to work out.

Make sure that all of your doors have a good solid lock fitted, your windows have at least one sash jammer fitted and don't forget to check security on your garage and shed doors. Before you go to bed at night check that all doors and windows in your home and outbuildings are securely locked because a lot of burglars don't have to break in to some homes, they just walk in, as the doors are open already.

A Few Ways to Mark Your Property

There are many ways that you can mark your property, doing so will make it difficult for the burglar to sell your items because they can be traced back to you.


This allows everyone to register their valuables free. You can register your bikes, phones and any electronic devices you have. If you are unlucky enough to have been burgled and the police recover such items, they can check the serial numbers on the items to the ones in the database and if there is a match, reunite you with your belongings.

Here is a link that will take you to the immobilise site and you can register your items.

UV Pen/Paint

You can use UV pens or paint to put your postcode and house number on your items. You can only see them under a UV light because they use invisible ink. By marking your items this way it can help to identify your property and make it easier for them to be returned to you

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