Anti Snap Locks

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anti snap locksAnti Snap Locks

Sir locksalot locksmiths in Stockton recommend that Ultion locks should be fitted to your doors wherever possible. The reason we recommend this brand is simple, we believe that the Brisant Ultion locks are the best locks available.

The Ultion is currently still unbeaten in every test.


TS007 3 star

The lock has been tested to British standard TS007 3 star which means you do not have to spend more money on a new high security handle. When locked, the Ultions centre cam becomes independently secured and not secured to the internals of the plug. Which basically means even when you leave a key in the inside of the lock the Ultion lock is still secure.

Sold Secure Diamond

This is the ultimate standard when it comes to high security locks. Some locks have the Ts007 rating but fail when it comes to the sold secure diamond standard. Tested by real locksmiths the person testing is allowed more access to the lock and more tools. It is also allowed for the tester to break the material around the lock and more time allotted.

Even with the key inside the other side of the lock the Ultion locks are still snap secure. Something we all do is lock the door and leave the key in the lock. Even with high security locks leaving the key in the lock can completely foil any snap protection you may have thought you had.

The office of national statistics shows that 73% of burglaries are through a door. Don't make it easy for them, call Gavin at Sir locksalot locksmiths now on 07368491224